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  Rob Donovan - Author  
About Rob Donovan
  • Grammar-school educated in Dartford, Kent.
  • Scholarship to St Catherine’s, Oxford, to read History.
  • Thirty years plus at the chalk-face – the love affair with teaching the young never diminished.
  • Degrees: Four Masters and one Doctorate.
  • A creative life now as an author.
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Rob Donovan - Author
The Road To Justice
  • This section of the website was renamed in January 2020. It had been called 'The Road to Corbyn', the title of my publication in 2016.
  • I had no choice. The Tories were returned to power in December 2019. Jeremy Corbyn will never lead a Labour government.
  • We did have a good run though – nearly five years of inspiration remains impressive - socialism has become a political force again.
  • So, this page is retitled: ‘The Road to Justice’.
  • Still the same message, though!
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The Road To Justice
Jago Stone
  • My present literary venture – a biography of Jago Stone (1928-1988), artist.
  • Little known now, in his own work ‘The Burglar’s Bedside Companion – Astounding true-life confessions of a super crook’ (1975) Jago wrote: “Since prison … I have probably sold more paintings than any other artist in the country”.
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Jago Stone - Swalcliffe - Oxfordshire - 1977
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The Death of Difference
My Lament For Education - 2009.
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What's Wrong With Schools
My Lament For Education - 1984.
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Rob Donovan - Teacher
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Drink In Victorian Norwich
A Doctoral Thesis - 2003
This thesis maintains that Victorian social cohesion depended to a significant degree on drink. In Norwich and other urban centres.
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Under The Surface In St Ives
Mining History
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Rob Donovan - Drink In Victorian Norwich
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Ronald Edward Watkins
A Letter and a Eulogy - 2013 - 2015.

In the ninety years that were graced to him, he rose to challenges, he achieved; he fulfilled his potential. He was a scholar who could have followed an academic pathway through life.
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Ronald Edward Watkins
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