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The Book - Dying To Know

An overview of my latest literary venture.

As February turned to March this year (2020) the Covid-19 pandemic appeared. My inspiration had arrived. 'Dying to Know' began to take shape. My first five chapters have been drafted and now I am working on chapter 6. Seventeen and a half thousand words written.

As I have explained, I have two critical readers to help me, one in the States and one in the Netherlands - both friends made in the course of the writing and publication of the Jago story. They remain supportive.

Whatever I write must satisfy two criteria: Is it readable? And is it worth the reading - will the reader be enlightened? 'Dying to Know' is passing those tests.

My aim is to have the book complete by the summer of next year to coincide with the arrival of a vaccination schedule.

If you would like to read in advance the first chapter in order to get a taste of the book and its direction, I'm happy to send you a personal copy if you contact me using my email address:

The Road To Corbyn - Facebook
A glimpse inside the structure of
‘Dying to Know’

I am a runner and I have my special local circuit that I use for training. I leave our home and very soon turn right to begin moving up the incline of the Stennack road, pavement running. At the top, I branch right on the B3306 heading out west on the coastal road. My route is still uphill and for a couple of hundred yards there is pavement. But then the pavement ends - and it is road-running all the way to the top of the hill at Little Trevalgan. One and three-quarter miles up and then downhill all the way home. 3.5 miles for the free flow of thoughts.

And that is my literary device. You, the reader, are my companion as I run. You are privy to the thoughts that bubble up from my sub-conscious. What you read is, in part, autobiographical. You are able, like me, to delve into the bole in my magic tree to access the fruits of research into matters that need further investigation. A touch of magical realism does not come amiss at the best of times – but this run of mine is being completed in the worst of times. I am running in a pandemic. I need to know more about how the world has become gripped by an influenza virus that is proving deadly for so many. You share my journey of discovery over the months of the pandemic.

My reader in the Netherlands was kind enough to say she thought my first chapter was ‘sublime’. My second chapter proved much more problematic. With the help of my two readers, I reshaped the content to keep the link with the pace and rhythm set in chapter one but would the content alienate the general reader? They thought it might. I wanted to stay truthful to my inner self. The publisher of my biography of Jago Stone has now read my first five chapters. He is very far from sharing my views but he recognises the niche market potential of the book that is emerging.

The task for me is to build up, very quickly, the number of supporters who are prepared to add their name to the list of those who would be interested in buying a copy of this, my third book. The more who show their interest, the more likely it is that Unicorn will publish my literary venture.

Here are the links to my first two books:
The Road to Corbyn
The Remarkable Life of Jago Stone
Dying To Know
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