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About - Jago Stone A Biography

In 2015, my father-in-law died and we inherited a Jago Stone watercolour of my wife's childhood family house and one untitled oil painting by Jago.

We already had the oil painting Jago had given to my wife, Louise, in 1970 when she was a teenager. He had decided to move on from the Gerrard’s Cross district in Buckinghamshire after arriving around 1968 and this was his parting gift.

Three other oil paintings by Jago had already been passed to us by my wife’s parents in their lifetime, works they had either commissioned or bought. We liked living with his work and admired the expressive and raw emotion of the oils and the charm of the watercolours ..........

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Autobiography by Jago Stone - The Burglar's Bedside Companion - 1975
About The Road to Corbyn

In 2008 when the financial crisis erupted, I sensed the historical significance of the time.

By 2010, I was compiling material from a range of sources that helped me make sense of what was happening in society and in politics.

By 2013, I was writing ‘Deception – a modern day Pilgrim’s Progress through the lifetime of the 2010-2015 U.K. government’.

By early 2014, the final draft was finished and I began the search for a publisher or agent hoping for publication before Christmas that year in time for the May 2015 General Election ..........

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The Road To Corbyn - A Modern-Day Pilgrim's Progress
The Road To Corbyn
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The Road To Corbyn - A Modern-Day Pilgrim's Progress